Most of the countries allow the International students to work part time (20 hrs per week) during their studies and Full time (38 hrs per week) during holidays. You must have in mind that in some cases you will need to apply for special permission in order to work. The hours and type of work you can do are restricted and depend on the regulations within your Visa and, in some cases, the type of course you are studying.

Please note that if you are European national you can usually work without restrictions though you will need to bear in mind the time needed to study and any prescriptions the university places on the maximum amount of time you can spend in paid employment.

It is advisable that you should be able to pay your tuition fees and living costs without having to depend on work. You should not rely on money from work because it can be difficult to find work or it is unlikely that you will earn enough to cover all your costs. Moreover, you might lose your job or you might have problems with your studies if you spend too much time working.

SIG works closely with employment companies and the Universities’ employment and career offices and can assist you in finding a part-time job.