It is very important for you to have suitable accommodation while you are studying. The standard of your academic work and your health can suffer if your living conditions are not satisfactory.

Due to the high demand of student accommodation, it is highly advised to start making arrangements as soon as you have been accepted on your course. Make sure that before you leave your home country you have arranged some form of accommodation at least for the first few days.

There are two main types of accommodation:

  • Accommodation owned, managed and provided by your institution, or in partnership with a private company, and
  • Accommodation owned by private landlords or external organizations, which you will have to find and arrange either by yourself or with the help of advice and suggestions from the accommodation office at the institution.

SIG can help you find the most suitable housing solution, in accordance with your budget and needs. Our strong bonds with the Universities and their housing offices enable us to pre-arrange for you the best possible accommodation. Additionally, a long list of privately owned flats and houses located near the campuses of Universities are lying with us and you can book one by contacting us on [email protected] .