Services to Students

The following are only some of the Services we offer:

Career and Academic Advising

If you are uncertain which career path to follow don’t worry! SIG will provide you an integrated career and academic advising experience. Our highly experienced advisors will help you clarify your skills, values, interests and personality type in order to identify together which career will be the best for you. The overall career and academic advising process involves sharing of information and ideas, and assessment of your academic abilities and objectives. For these reasons career and academic advising is viewed as an interactive process between you and our advisors.

Country, Course and University Selection

Choosing the course and the University to which you are going to pursue you higher education is always the most difficult part of the whole process. It is so, simple because is probably the most important choice of your life. Our experts will provide you with the right information and guidance to choose the right programme of studies at the right Institution, at the right country compatible with your personal criteria and requirements.

Application Process

Every University has its own specific entry requirements for every programme and level of study. These requirements differ for each continent, country and sometimes region with in a country. Don’t forget that a well prepared application presented with all the necessary supporting documents, is essential for a successful admission. Our advisors will assist you filling up correctly the application form and will provide you guidance in preparation of your Recommendation Letters, Statement of Purpose and Curriculum Vitae.

Accelerated Admission Process

SIG has direct contacts with a large number of partner Universities and Colleges around the world. This can speed up the admission process and we can guarantee you an admission within few hours.

Visa Assistance

Our professional approach and expertise ensures that all our students will be given the right assistance and guidance in order to prepare a strong Visa application file. Our highly experienced founder and Managing Director Mr. Michalis Psaltis, served as Education Counselor and Visa Officer in the High Commission of Cyprus in New Delhi, as a Director of International Admissions in several institutions and as a Migration Officer, guided and interviewed thousands of students, we can guarantee that all our students are in the safest hands.

Financial and Scholarship Assistance

Financing an international education is always difficult. The best approach includes lots of preparation, careful analysis of your budget, and hard work in researching and applying for scholarships. There are a variety of scholarships and loans available to students who wish to study abroad.  Most of our partner Universities offers scholarships and financial aid to all International full-time students. For more information please check the following resources or visit the Scholarships and/or the Financial Information section on our website:

UK Scholarship Search
UK Loans for US Citizens
Education UK Scholarship Database

Pre-Departure Briefing

After successfully obtain your visa SIG will provide you with a “Pre-Departure kid” which includes information regarding your University, accommodation, country legislation, useful telephone numbers and other essential information which will help you at the beginning of your new life. Further more, we will organize at our associates’ offices in your country, a Pre-Departure Briefing meeting with you and all the students and we will answer all your questions.

Accommodation and Airport Pick Up

SIG can help you find the most suitable housing solution, in accordance with your budget and needs. Most of the Institutions offer a range of accommodation from Hostels, Halls of Residence to Student Apartments. Living in Halls of Residence and Student Apartments is one of the best ways to get to know people when you first land. Additionally, a long list of privately owned flats and houses located near the campuses of Universities are lying with us. Our representatives will be right there at the airport to welcome you, clear your Immigration formalities, give you “the welcome package” with first useful information and escort you at your accommodation. They will help you with your registration and arrange for your orientation week. Our representatives will always be there to help at any time.