Students’ Testimonials

“My dream deferred has become a dream fulfilled, thanks to the academic and career advising, support, and encouragement from “Study International Group.”
Deepika Sharma, BSc Nursing

“SIG has helped me tremendously. The counselors are very knowledgeable, caring, supportive, and understanding. They helped me to clear all my doubts and to find the right academic pathway for my studies.”
Alexandra Popov, MBA

“I am in the 3rd semester of the Hospitality and Tourism Management programme in Cyprus and soon I will do my internship in one of the 5star hotels. This will help me get the experience I require in order to become a successful professional.”
Christos Kyriakides, Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management

“I always wanted to study abroad but my family’s financial situation was not permitting it. After attending SIG’s seminar at my home town in India, I have been offered a 35% scholarship on the total fee!  I feel so grateful for this opportunity.”
Hemant Kumar, Bachelor’s in Business Administration

“I am having an incredible time here in Cyprus. It is by far more than what I had expected. The quality of education, the positive influences, and the experiences that I am receiving as a student will provide me with the solid foundation I need to build my future career. The friends I have met and the relationships I have made are priceless and will last a lifetime. I definitely recommend Cyprus for Higher Studies.”
Mehryar Ehsan, Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering

“After finishing High School I was so confused that I couldn’t decide at which university to apply or which programme was the best for me.  SIG made everything so easy for me. From the moment I enter in there office I felt so comfortable. They haven’t only helped me to choose my University and the programme which I am currently studying, but they have helped me prepare my application and my recommendation letters. I am so content with SIG approach.”
Katerina Lazarou, L.L.B.

“After finishing the army I had to look at my options in order to decide on a field of employment so that I could enter the labor market. I was really confused since there were so many different choices on offer from the universities. However, when I met Mr. Michalis Psaltis, everything became clear to me. Being so well aware of the labor market and after evaluating my qualifications and the alternatives I had, he guided me into the most suitable course of studies for me. But that was not all; he accompanied me to the university where he helped me out with the registration procedure. Therefore I had next to me not just an advisor but also a friend who was willing to help any time I would call. Dear Mr. Michalis I would really like to thank you for your valuable help.”
Georgios Christou, Bachelor’s in Business Administration